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Bitaco Tea

In the Andean mountains, in Bitaco, Colombia, surrounded by a natural reserve, there is a mystical tea garden. In the plantation in Valle del Cauca, hidden behind the cloud forests, they sow and later harvest green, white and black tea of ​​Colombian origin. This is hand-picked by expert growers who select the buds with the most tender leaves to create unique flavors.

At Bitaco they care for the process from the nursery to the cup because it is understood that an excellent harvest depends on the skill of the farmers and tea masters.

Delivering high-quality infusions and blends to customers means taking care of the production processes, in addition to protecting the ecosystem that gives life to the tea and promoting the well-being of the people who have worked to make this dream come true.

Every little thing that happens in Bitaco is contemplated under the strictest sustainability standards, seeking to generate the least possible waste while giving back all life to the land.

In their mission of caring for the environment, they protect an entire forest reserve where the tea garden is surrounded by cloud forests that bathe the land with dew, dozens of native species of fauna and flora and the Bitaco River that fills everything with life.

It is vital that everything that happens from the nursery to your cup is a process aligned with practices of caring for the planet. Bitaco products are free from artificial flavors that could harm our customers or the environment and are certified organic.

Sustainability is also about the communities and supporting the indigenous beings of the land, that is why at Bitaco and their parent company Agrícola Himalaya Foundation contributes to the creation of healthy ecosystems through quality employment and different support programs, education, culture and development of the communities. 

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