Folklore Tea

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Based in Assam, Folklore tea is a movement of natural tea growers. The teas come from small gardens of growers who are seeking an alternative to the plantation system. The farmers are local to the region and wish to revive the tradition of producing high quality tea while experimenting with new methods of producing teas naturally.. Organic certification is beyond the financial means of most of these growers. However, they are dedicated to producing teas using age old methods without the use of harmful chemicals.

By purchasing Folklore teas, you are directly supporting these farmers, their families and communities. The teas are sourced directly from locals and their gardens. The most distant garden is only 2.5 hours away from the processing plant. This short distance helps maintain the lowest plucking to processing time. This also protects the freshness and quality of the teas through out the processing. It also means the brew in your cup will be as fresh and flavor intact as it was when picked.

Folklore Teas believes in educating tea drinkers. They believe you should know where your tea comes from and how it is grown. Behind it all, there are real people – small tea growers whose innovation improves the craft and whose land stewardship protects the environment and the quality of your tea.  It is the awareness of their passion that makes their tea taste better.