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Jhentea is a women-owned tea business based in Nantou County, the heart of Taiwan's tea production. It has been a family of tea masters for four generations.  Their ancestors began crafting Tieguanyin oolongs in Anxi, China in 1850. The Chen family relocated to Taiwan after the Communist Party takeover.  After moving to the mountains of Yilan County, they created many tea gardens in the Wu Lao Keng Scenic Area. This area is now a protected government park.  Eighty year old Fu Chen is a third generation tea master and has been nicknamed "National Treasure" by the farmers she works with. She has passed down her incredible knowledge to her daughter Ai Fang. 

Fu Chen and Ai Fang take great pride in the fields where they harvest. They also work with farmers in Yushan, Da Yu Ling and Alishan that share their commitment to using sustainable growing methods that are free from pesticides and chemical additives.  This is not an easy task but the purity of the leaves is evident in the final product.

$3.50 USD