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Black Tea

Black Tea is made from leaves that have been highly oxidized. This means that the leaves are browned more than 80%. This produces a stronger richer and more full-bodied flavor than less oxidized teas such as green or oolong teas. Black teas were widely exported because the oxidation process allows for a longer shelf life. It is still one of the most popular styles of tea in the world.
In China, this variety is known as red tea or hongcha (紅茶) which refers to the color of the liquor. The English term black tea refers to the color of the leaves. In China, the literal translation of black tea would refer to Pu-erh tea. In English, this would be called dark tea. Most unblended black teas are named after the areas where they are produced. There are different systems of grading teas in different countries. For instance, Indian teas use letter codes to denote crafting styles. Chinese teas often use different standardizations which are not frequently seen in the west.
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