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Oolong varieties are wildly diverse so we have assembled a selection from the premier growing areas for oolongs. Forever Spring from Taiwan, Monkey-picked Tieguanyin from Anxi and Lan Hua Xiang from Phoenix Mountain.

Each region has its own distinctive style of Oolong tea. We have brought together our favorites from each region for you to try. Each reusable tin contains .75 oz. of tea or enough to make 3-4 pots of each.
Lan Hua Xiang- Dan Cong style oolong from the Phoenix Mountains. This tea has an intoxicating orchid aroma and fruity floral flavor. We love the complex flavor of this tea that develops with each infusion.
Monkey-picked Tieguanyin- Anxi is known for its Tieguanyin style oolongs. This high-grade tea has a buttery flavor and delicate floral aroma. The lingering finish and nuanced flavor make this our favorite Tieguanyin variety.
Forever Spring Medium Roast- Taiwan produces many famous oolongs. The Forever Spring has been roasted to develop a delicious nutty flavor. We love the delicate sweetness of this brew created from 4th Generation tea masters.