Wuyi Oolong Sampler

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* Sample size is approximately 1/2 ounce (12-15 grams)

Wuyi is considered the birthplace of oolongs and produces some of the most famous teas in China. This is a collection of our favorite yancha or rock teas.  This sampler contains Wuyi Da Hong Pao, Rou Gui, and Lao Cong Shui Xian.

The Wuyi Mountains are located on the northern border of Fujian province.  This area is likely the birthplace of oolongs. Teas here are called Yancha or literally rock tea as the tea bushes are grown on the cliffs and rocks (Yan)  of the mountains.  The rich fertile soil of the mountains creates a distinctive minerality to the teas.

Each reusable tin contains .75 oz of each tea, enough to make 2-3 pots or gong fu sessions.

Known also as  Big Red Robe, Da Hong Pao is one of the Top Ten Famous Chinese teas. The liquor is rich with a spicy minerality. It is bold and warming and complex.
Lao Cong Shui Xian, this name translates to ‘Water Sprite’ or ‘Narcissus’ while Lao Cong means ‘old bush’. This rich and complex roasted oolong’s deep caramel-colored liquor produces a brew with slightly sweet hints of fig and a lingering finish.
Rou Gui translates to “Cinnamon oolong”. The charcoal roasting of this tea accentuates the spicy woody flavor. One of our favorites.