Chinese Green Tea Sampler


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China produces an incredible array of green teas. We have put together a sampler of some of our favorites.  Perfect for beginners and aficionados, this sampler features a variety of flavors that are sure to delight.  This sampler contains, Liu An Gua Pian, Organic Long Jing, Organic Gunpowder.

Each reusable tin contains .5 oz of Liu An Gua Pian and Long Jing enough for 2-3 pots or gong fu sessions and 1 oz of Gunpowder enough for 4-5 pots.
Liu An Gua Pian is from Anhui, a region known to produce green teas with delicate flavors. This tea is prized as one of China's top teas. Exceptionally rich and full-bodied with a flavor of sweet spring peas.
Long considered the king of Chinese green teas, Long Jing (Dragon Well), gains its classic leaf shape by the leaves being pressed against the surface of a wok. This process creates a rich-green leaf that is tinged with yellow-gold. Our Organic Long Jing comes from the Tiger Mountain region of West Lake, long renowned for its superior teas. The flavor is sweet and buttery with a hint of chestnuts.
Organic Gunpowder is produced in Zhejiang. This late harvest organic tea is characteristically processed into small, tightly rolled balls which resemble gunpowder pellets. It isn’t clear if the name originates from the appearance of the tea or the smoky flavor. The classic smoky flavor is perfect with meals or for everyday drinking.