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Organic Chun Mee "Precious Eyebrows"

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* Sample size is approximately 1/2 ounce (12-15 grams)

Savor the delectable flavor of this organic green tea! Its smooth vegetal taste & golden liquor offer subtle notes of smoke & bay leaf, followed by a dry finish. Perfect for morning sips or a refreshing cold brew. Enjoy a great value tea!

Chun Mee (春眉) is the highest grade of Mei cha or young hyson green tea. The name literally translates to “precious eyebrow”. This tea’s history can be traced back to around 150 years ago. Its shape is created by hand rolling the pan-fired leaf. The curve of the finished leaf resembles a finely formed eyebrow, which is how it got its name. In Chinese, the eyebrow is 眉 Mei. It was written as Mee in English at that time. The Chinese green tea is produced in Spring, 春 Chun. So the word ‘Chunmee’ came into being. This lighter Chinese green is possibly the first loose leaf tea style and is still one of the most common varieties.

Steeping Instructions

Tea is highly personal and these instructions are only a starting point. Play with the parameters to find the perfect flavor for you.❦
Tea 3 grams per 6-ounce (175 mL) cup
Water 180°F (82°C)
Time 2 minutes