Organic Keemun Mao Feng

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* Sample size is approximately 1/2 ounce (12-15 grams)

With a full body and a sweet rich flavor, Keemun Mao Feng is a perfect tea for breakfast or afternoon tea. The aroma of the dry leaves is reminiscent of tobacco. The rich deep copper liquor is toasty with notes of caramel, dates, and a slightly sweet finish.

 Produced in Anhui Province, Keemun is considered the best black tea that China produces and is referred to as "King of Red Tea" because of its outstanding bouquet. Developed by a Chinese mandarin in 1875 to satiate the increasing demand for tea in Europe, Keemun quickly became the primary tea export of late 19th century imperial China.

Mao Feng translates to "fur peak" which refers to the hairs found on the buds at harvest. Our Organic Keemun has delicately twisted leaves with golden tips and a deep delicious aroma, and rich flavor.

Steeping Instructions

Tea is highly personal and these instructions are only a starting point. Play with the parameters to find the perfect flavor for you.❦
Tea 3 grams per 6-ounce (175 mL) cup
Water 200°F (93°C)
Time 3 minutes