Western style tea brewing

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This is the style of tea brewing with which most people in Europe and the Americas are most familiar. The Western method of brewing tea evolved from the fact that initially, tea was rare, expensive and reserved for the upper classes. There was a scarcity of tea in the west compared to China which lead to using a reduced amount of tea with a larger volume of water for an extended period of steeping. While multiple infusions can be made western style, you can generally only get 2-3 infusions from a high-quality tea.  It should be noted that most black teas are not good for more than one infusion.

Equipment needed

  • Tea kettle
  • Teapot
  • Infuser
  • Teacups

Brewing Steps

  1. Heat water to desired temperature. 
  2. Fill tea pot with hot water  to warm while waiting for kettle to get to desired temperature. Pour out water once it is warmed. This prevents ceramic pots from cracking when adding boiling water.
  3. Measure tea and place in infuser.  Place in teapot. 
  4. Pour heated water over tea and cover to steep for desired amount of time. 
  5. Remove infuser. 
  6. Pour tea into cups
  7. Enjoy your tea.
  8. Replace infuser and repeat steps 4-7 if desired.

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