Revealing the enigmas of tea mocktails

Paula Stocker

To celebrate Dry January and the joy of mocktails, we set out to create recipes that incorporated the complex, nuanced flavors of our favorite teas. 

Discover the Versatility of Cooking with Tea

Paula Stocker

Bob and I have been avid tea drinkers for decades. Food is also a passion of mine and in recent years, I have become more confident in my skills and have really enjoyed improvising and experimenting with new flavors and combinations. Bob has always been more comfortable with experimentation and...

Moroccan Mint Tea

Paula Stocker

You don't have to go to Marrakech to enjoy this traditional favorite. Simple to make and so refreshing, it is a great way to utilize that mint you planted this spring that is taking over your garden!

Western style tea brewing

zeramatea Admin

This is the style of tea brewing with which most people in Europe and the Americas are most familiar. The Western method of brewing tea evolved from the fact that initially, tea was rare, expensive and reserved for the upper classes. There was a scarcity of tea in the west...