We are passionate about great tea and we want to share it with you.

Photo of Paula and Bob from Zerama Tea

Tea masters study for years and sometimes decades to learn their craft. Farms and producers are often products of multiple generations. We want to educate our customers and show our respect and admiration to their dedication and skill.  That is why we believe that you should know where your tea comes from. We buy direct from producers whenever possible. We believe in supporting sustainably grown products that support the health and well being of our customer, the growers and the planet.


Years ago, we searched local tea shops to find teas. We found some decent teas but many were old and just so so. As we explored online tea shops, we were inundated by flavors and gimmicks. It was difficult to try new things as shipping was often more costly than the tea itself. When we decided to open Zerama Tea, we made a commitment that we would only sell tea that we enjoy drinking ourselves. 

"If we won't drink it, we won't sell it!"

We also decided to offer sample sizes of our teas and to offer free US shipping. We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to try new teas.

I placed an order with them for the free shipping and they carry some of my favorite green teas for a reasonable price. my order came quickly. And to my pleasant surprise they included a sample and a handwritten note on my invoice about including a sample of their favorite green tea since I ordered greens. 😊 This level of customer care is amazing, and made me feel like the company sees me as an individual and not just another order number.

Tadia Chang Beach, Oct 10, 2020 

Paula's love of tea began early in life. Hot tea was hard to come by in Southeast Texas but she was tenacious. She developed a love of travel and in her travels became fascinated by tea rituals and culture around the world. Whether it was a tearoom in Prague or haggling for products in a  Marrakech market, tea was an integral part of the life of the cities and their people. Some teas were best for quiet contemplation, while others were a social event. 

When she met Bob and they started a family, tea continued to be an important aspect of their lives. When they couldn't find the quality of tea they wanted locally, they broadened their search which eventually led them to the world tea expo. By then the die was cast and Zerama Tea was born. 

Using skills developed in her many years with Whole Foods Market, we realized transparency was critical to our mission. There is so much great tea being produced by smaller growers and producers that needed to be shared.  

We have learned a lot since we first opened. Some things worked and other didn't. Along the way we have met some amazing producers and tasted hundreds of teas. 

I had an absolutely awesome experience with Zerama Tea. They had a terrific selection of unique and artisanal teas for killer prices and, upon placing my order , made arrangements to deliver the tea directly to me at work so I didn't spoil the gift surprise for my wife. On top of the exceptional person service they threw in a couple of samples. 

Most importantly: the tea is of the highest quality and DELICIOUS! (Try the Genmaicha.)

If you love tea please consider trying Zerama Tea. You'll be supporting both local business and an awesome family. Thanks Paula and Bob for helping me to make Christmas a little more special this year!

Brad Ellis December 25, 2019

We are real people and we love talking about tea. We love to hear from our customers and direct them to teas we think they will enjoy. We even designed our website to filter by flavors, roasts and aromas, so that you can explore new teas you might not have considered before. 


When we aren't drinking tea we love traveling, playing games, cooking, movies and music and of course, Murray the cat. 


We are always studying and tasting to learn more. Experimenting with brewing techniques and new recipes. Check out our Facebook, Instagram, Newsletters and Blogs  to see what we are up to.