Liza Hill Estate Darjeeling - Autumnal flush Moonshine 2021

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* Sample size is approximately 1/2 ounce (12-15 grams)

Complex and delicious this Autumn flush Darjeeling tea is from the Liza Hill Estate. It is named Moonshine as the leaves are handpicked by the light of the moon. It is a full-bodied tea with a golden liquor. The flavor is smooth with a nice minerality and notes of champagne, and muscat.

Darjeeling is wedged in between Nepal and Bhutan in northeast India. The Liza Hill Estate is a division of the Risheehat Estate and is located 14-16 km southeast of Darjeeling town. The garden faces the majestic Himalayas and is visible from the town. The tea garden is situated at an altitude of between 2500 ft to 4800 ft. The moist cool climate and the fertile soils of the hills, ample rainfall and the sloping terrains of Darjeeling provide the ideal natural conditions to produce some of the best quality teas in the world. 

Steeping Instructions

Tea is highly personal and these instructions are only a starting point. Play with the parameters to find the perfect flavor for you.❦
Tea 3 grams per 6-ounce (175 mL) cup
Water 200°F (93°C)
Time 3 minutes