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Organic Kabusecha

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* Sample size is approximately 1/2 ounce (12-15 grams)

Shade-grown from the first flush of the year,  our Organic Kabusecha is exceptional.  This tea has a buttery sweet aroma with hints of cut grass. The beautiful light green liquor has a refreshingly sweet flavor with notes of cruciferous vegetables and a slightly astringent finish.

Kabuse means "to cover" in Japanese. Kabusecha or Kabuse tea is a class of tea that is covered during the final days before harvesting. This stresses the plant and it produces additional chlorophyll and L-Theanine and creates a distinctive sweet flavor.  Kabusecha has more umami than Sencha but not as much as Gyokuro, because it is covered for 10 days as opposed to 21 days for Gyokuro. Along with Gyokuro and Sencha, Kabusecha is considered one of the finest Japanese teas.

Steeping Instructions

Tea is highly personal and these instructions are only a starting point. Play with the parameters to find the perfect flavor for you.❦
Tea 3 grams per 6-ounce (175 mL) cup
Water 160°F (71°C)
Time 1 minutes