Shangri-La Gold

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* Sample size is approximately 1/2 ounce (12-15 grams)

This distinctive tea, grown in Ilam, Nepal at an altitude of 5900 ft., has lovely golden tips that produce a deep amber liquor and the enticing aroma of plums and tobacco. The flavor is reminiscent of spiced cocoa and dates and makes a delicious breakfast tea that stands up well to multiple steeps.

Shangri-La Gold is produced by one of the most ethical tea producers in Nepal -- Kamal Mainali.  The tea garden system in Nepal is based on the small stakeholder growing the green leaf.  Most farmers own about 1-2 acres of land and grow tea along with the food they grow for their own use like lemongrass, cardamom and ginger.  This gives the tea and the farmer a very close relationship and the farmers take great pride in the stewardship of their land because it is THEIR land.  Kamal buys the highest quality green leaves from the farmers around his factory and pays for organic certification and training for them to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

Steeping Instructions

Tea is highly personal and these instructions are only a starting point. Play with the parameters to find the perfect flavor for you.❦
Tea 3 grams per 6-ounce (175 mL) cup
Water 212°F (100°C)
Time 4 minutes 30 seconds